Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 9, December 11

Today is Nancy's birthday. Yesterday the kids and I made a cake, and the kids decorated it this morning. Our progress has slowed down a bit because of an adverse current that seems to be running at around 3 knots. We are moving fine through the water but not very fast over the sea floor. The winds are supposed to change direction later today and it should give us a better angle of attack. Yesterday afternoon we noticed that our compass and the GPS were not agreeing. I pulled out the spare GPS and
compass and compared them. Both of the GPS's agreed and both the compasses agreed but they didn't agree with each other. This was noticed around the same time that we got into this strong current that I didn't expect to see. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. When the stars came out, I steered towards the North star and the GPS said I was going West. I then figured that something had happened in the United States and the military messed up the GPS system so it could not be used for an attack.
My mind was racing and we couldn't receive any news. I went back to the old school method of navigation and disregarded what the GPS was telling me. When the morning rolled around the GPS and compass were back in agreement and everything seemed ok. Talk about a strange anomaly.

Yesterday we had our first sighting of a large pod of dolphins. We were all up on the bow, hooting and hollering. Hopper about fell off the boat and was squealing like a stuck pig. It was the highlight of our day. It was also pretty calm and we got through a day of school. For dinner, we finally had the last of that Mahi that Fletcher had caught.

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Mark said...

Happy Birthday Cousin Nancy