Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day four, December 6

We have officially entered the ITCZ (inter-tropical convergence zone,)lost our winds and had some rain. This is typical for the ITCZ, where you often have confused seas, shifty winds and squally conditions. Luckily, the squalls are usually pretty quick, but they can stir up some immediate winds, so you really need to keep your eye out for the squalls approaching and reduce sail quickly. We will probably be in this zone for the next couple of days. The temperatures are warming up, we are out of
the cold Humbolt current that bathes the west coast of South American and the Galapagos. The water temps have risen about 10 degrees. This means the air temps go up too. The first couple of nights we were bundled up a bit, but now, warm weather clothes prevail on all watches. I think that we will take the blanket off the bed tonight and put it back in deep storage. Last night, around 1930(7:30pm,)Fletcher caught a really nice size bull Dorado, almost 5 feet. You should have heard the squeals,
whoops and yipees. Guess what we will be eating for the next several meals, much to Dana's dismay as she has decided that she does not like fish, even when it is as fresh as can be! All is well on board.

Our position as of 0600, 12-07 is N 05.43, W 94.30. We are just a bit over 800 miles to our destination, not quite halfway, but getting closer. I can't wait until we are past the half way point and can start counting down the days. Yesterday, we only made 101 miles, but anything close to 100 and we are happy. The next couple of days may be a little less, since we lost our winds.

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